Ben Wescott

At only 23 Ben has already made a name for himself within the industry, directing music videos from the age of 17 at a prolific rate. Ben likes to let the work speak for itself, combining dark and gritty visuals with dreamlike and aesthetic compositions. Ben’s ability to create unique and memorable videos, along with […]

Directors Magazine Richard Swarbrick

How Richard Swarbrick and Presence Moved Mountains for Netflix’s 14 Peaks

The artist and filmmaker tells LBB how Nimsdai Purja’s epic, record-breaking mountaineering journey was brought vividly to life. If you’re a fan of sport, there’s a fair chance you’ll be familiar with Richard Swarbrick’s work. But, even if you’re not, you’ll instantly understand why his imaginative, hand-painted style has proven so adept at capturing the […]

Directors Ethosheia Hylton

Ethosheia Hylton

Presence director, Ethosheia Hylton, highlights a great 80s film, some classic 70s music and the fact that the industry, finally, is showing signs of change What the most creative advertising idea you’ve seen recently? I loved the power of the BBC Sounds trailer. It was succinct in captivating your attention, and really cool. I loved the visuals […]

Directors Magazine Misha Manson-Smith

Misha Manson-Smith: Cutting to the funny bone

Editor-turned-director, Misha Manson-Smith’s CV includes hard-hitting documentaries, acclaimed TV series and high profile ad campaigns. Tim Cumming talks to the industrious filmmaker about improvised Google spots, massive real-world hoaxes and why comedy is a high-wire act. Defining what makes something funny is no joke, because the secrets of comedy – and their effects – tend to evaporate the closer you […]

Directors Directors Writing Magazine

Jason Smith on a David Lynch conference call

Jason Smith explains why the “dark psychosis” of his directing hero’s films continues to influence the way he creates Who would you say is your creative hero?  David Lynch How long has he been important to you and what are your first memories of coming across his work? I first saw ‘Eraserhead’ in 1985 when […]

Directors Directors Writing Magazine


Leading director of televised long form documentaries at Presence, Tanya Stephan, discusses her favourite and most hated creative productions, and the work that has inspired her through her career Tanya Stephan is a leading director of long form documentaries for TV. She’s directed high profile singles and series for Channel Four, BBC One, BBC Two and […]

Avril Furness Directors Directors Writing Immersive Magazine

From Advertising Creative to Immersive / 360 and Virtual to Mixed Reality filmmaking.

By Avril Furness. I have been fortunate to have worked with some of the most talented creative folk in the industry starting out as a Junior Creative with my Copywriter partner Miles at London Agency Fallon in 2010. Hiking up a Chilean mountain with an 8 foot inflatable character we called Walter, shooting an ad […]

Directors Directors Writing Kieron Hawkes Magazine

The Trans Siberian Railway

A Photo Journal by Presence Director Kieron Hawkes. For as long as I can remember I wanted to do the Trans Siberian Railway. This obsession followed me into adulthood. In 2018, after finishing directing Fortitude 3, I finally decided to do it. The route I decided to take was the Trans Siberian to Lake Baikal […]

Directors Latest Work Magazine Richard Swarbrick

Médecins Sans Frontières: Depicting the Rohingya crisis.

Richard Swarbrick and Presence have completed a huge animation project about the Rohingya for MSF. Update: This film has recently won 2 gold awards at Cresta and Kinsale 2020. In less than 24 hours the film had over 4 million views, 1,700 comments, 13,100 shares and 47,000 likes on facebook alone, bringing in much needed […]

Community Magazine

Brands on a Mission

Danny Fleet writes…I listened to an interesting HBR podcast over the weekend. Dr Myriam Sidebe is a public health expert who has been promoting handwashing with soap for several years. Myriam partners with governments, brands, NGO’s and communities. She currently lectures at Harvard Kennedy School. Myriam has some interesting things to say about brands that […]