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Creative and commercial effectiveness direct from the makers.

Presence is a team of talented directors and versatile and experienced producers.

We can help you produce digital, TV and cinema assets at scale, whilst reducing the environmental impact of production wherever we can.

We come from film, animation and immersive media.

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Presence is a team of Directors and Producers

We make TV advertising, online video (long & short form) and immersive entertainment.

Our business, started in 2002, can provide anything from half a day of research and production support right up to a full scale TV & cinema campaign with premium, award winning creatives.

We’ve made commercials and content all over the world and have built up extension production resource where we can hire local talent to help minimise cost and carbon footprint.

We know that the lines between creative, production and media are blurring. We have expertise in video strategy, content production strategy, account management, TV ad placement and immersive media.

Feel free to contact us for advice, a quote or a recommendation.

Presence Team adheres to the Adgreen method of sustainable production


Avril Furness & Gaelle Mourre VR films are winning awards

We are delighted to see that both Avril Furness and Gaelle Mourre‘s Virtual Reality Films are being nominated for and winning awards around the world. Both are hugely capable and inventive Directors who have a really good understanding of creating story for the #VR space. As we enter 2020, here’s the latest round; Avril Furness …


We are based in central London and work globally. Call or email us on the details below, or fill in the contact form and we will be in touch.

MD: Danny Fleet

Director Enquiries: Reps@presence.team