Avril Furness & Gaelle Mourre VR films are winning awards

We are delighted to see that both Avril Furness and Gaelle Mourre‘s Virtual Reality Films are being nominated for and winning awards around the world. Both are hugely capable and inventive Directors who have a really good understanding of creating story for the #VR space. As we enter 2020, here’s the latest round;

Avril Furness film 360 VR Film “The Right Choice” has been shortlisted for a SIMA (Social Impact Media Awards) award in the VR and 360 film category.

Gealle Mourre’s 360 VR Film “Mechanical Souls” has won a Lumiere Award for best VR stereography.

These festivals celebrate the best in filmmaking. Well done to both.

New Pokemon “Buddy” Film

Pokemon “Buddy” TVC

Check out our latest tearjerker film for Pokemon about a boys love for his Squirtle plushie. Showcasing the new #AR tools for the Buddy feature, the film is going down a storm with Pokemon trainers! We shot over three days in London for Agency Maverick with Director Katie Bell. The film will run on TV in the States and Online globally.

Client: Pokemon

Agency: Maverick Media

Creatives: Joe O’Connor & Laura Grant

Agency Producer: Sarah Ross

Production Company: Presence

Director: Katie Bell

Producer: Danny Fleet

DOP: Fede Alfonso

Kaada “Farewell” by Christian Holm Glad

Christian Holm Glad has directed a beautiful and mesmerising music video for Kaada titled “Farewell”

Kaada “Farewell” Directed by Christian Holm Glad

Echoes and Dust have summed it up nicely… Says Kaada “The “Farewell” music video wraps up much of what I wanted to say with the Closing Statements album. All of those tracks were very personal to me and are snapshots of my life, in one way or another. About different things I’ve said goodbye to. These days, truth is hard to find amidst the din and chaos of a world that seems to be spinning ever faster towards madness. The video is about different people saying goodbye to major things.”

To visualize the standout-track “Farewell”, Kaada enlisted his old friend, award-winning director Christian Holm-Glad who actually started his career with making a video for Kaada:

“I met photographer Daniel Voldheim and Christian Holm-Glad by chance some 15 years ago. Little did I know then that this encounter would result in the great collaboration we have today. It is a privilege to work with someone who manages to translate my musical world into images and stories so seamlessly.” (Kaada)

“As people, we are scared to make changes. We are afraid of being alone. We are afraid of not making money, so we do the same routines every day. We are risk adverse, but when you dare to do something else, it is often the best decision in life,” director Christian Holm-Glad says of the video.

Check out Christians work here.