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How Richard Swarbrick and Presence Moved Mountains for Netflix’s 14 Peaks

The artist and filmmaker tells LBB how Nimsdai Purja’s epic, record-breaking mountaineering journey was brought vividly to life. If you’re a fan of sport, there’s a fair chance you’ll be familiar with Richard Swarbrick’s work. But, even if you’re not, you’ll instantly understand why his imaginative, hand-painted style has proven so adept at capturing the […]

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Médecins Sans Frontières: Depicting the Rohingya crisis.

Richard Swarbrick and Presence have completed a huge animation project about the Rohingya for MSF. Update: This film has recently won 2 gold awards at Cresta and Kinsale 2020. In less than 24 hours the film had over 4 million views, 1,700 comments, 13,100 shares and 47,000 likes on facebook alone, bringing in much needed […]