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Brands on a Mission

Danny Fleet writes...I listened to an interesting HBR podcast over the weekend. Dr Myriam Sidebe is a public health expert who has been promoting handwashing with soap for several years. Myriam partners with governments, brands, NGO’s and communities. She currently lectures at Harvard Kennedy School.

Carling’s #noexcuse film about domestic abuse made for the South Africa market.

Myriam has some interesting things to say about brands that can have purpose by utilising their collective firepower and ways to reach mass audiences with strong, positive social messaging. She cites examples from Carling, Durex and Lifebouy soap. Myriam says it takes time and energy to be convincing – but with a cohesive, collaborative plan from the CEO and right through the business, then remarkable good can come from the power of advertising..!

Dr Myriam Sidibe

Her company “Brands on a Mission” has clear objectives in working towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Having sat in Cannes and listened to the heads of the big four network agencies tell the UN secretary general (then Ban Ki-moon) that they were working clearly towards the SDG’s, Myriam comes across to me as one of advertising’s most clear thinking and purposeful yet. You can buy Myriams book “Brands on a Mission” here.