First Shoot Wrapped

We’ve just wrapped our first shoot under our new name of Presence. And a hugely enjoyable shoot it was too. As technology advances there are more and more brilliant workarounds that allow for low cost filmmaking, whilst keeping the quality high. Anamorphic lenses that still look amazing mounted on compact high def Arri Cameras and gimble rigs that allow a free flowing camera to work seamlessly around the actors. Lights that run off domestic sockets and yet are powerful enough to rival large HMI’s from only a few years ago.

It reminds us that this is truly a golden age for content and the crews only keep getting better and better. In the race for speed, efficiency and lower costs its easy to become less mindful of the correct permitting, release forms and production insurances. Lets have a mantra for checking and double checking before we leg it out of the door and onto the next crazy, fun project!

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