Filming and Covid

Update: 7th Jan 2021.

Shooting can continue during the current UK lockdown. Presence is now PCR testing all heads of department 2-4 days ahead of any scheduled shoot to minimise risk of production shutdown. We will be using government approved PCR tests only. Contact us for detailed guidance on mandatory testing as per the APA.

With the increase in COVID transmission rates, associated with a more contagious mutation of Coronavirus, the APA recommends the testing of people scheduled to attend commercials productions.
Guidelines Compliance Remains Key to COVID Safety
Complying with the APA COVID Shooting Guidelines remains key to production companies:

  1. Safeguarding the wellbeing of all attending a production.
  2. Satisfying their obligations under COVID Law and Government guidance.
  3. Meeting their obligations under health and safety law.
  4. Meeting their obligations under the Tripartite agreement.

Update: 9th Dec 2020: Shoots can continue as before with Covid Supervision on set. Quarantine rulings are as follows;

1. Travel corridor countries
If you come to England from a travel corridor country as we have listed you do NOT need to quarantine.

2. Non-travel corridor countries
If you come to England from a non-travel corridor country then you have to quarantine for 14 days.

3. The advertising exemption
A director, DoP or actor (which we interpret to mean anyone appearing on screen who is directed, in any audio visual advertising) must quarantine for 14 days along with everyone else arriving in England from a non-travel corridor country, but they are allowed to leave quarantine to attend a confirmed filming location, to then return to quarantine once shooting is finished. 

4. The NEW music video exemption
The latest exemptions (published by the Government, dated 3rd December 2020) “permit a music video performer” to leave quarantine to go to a confirmed filming location. This applies to the artist if they are appearing in the video and anyone else appearing in it.
It does NOT apply to music video Directors / DoPs or any crew.

Source: Advertising Producers Association

Update: 2nd Nov 2020. Shoots can continue in England throughout the lockdown period (currently 5th Nov until 2nd Dec 2020).
The new restrictions do not affect shoots – they can continue as before.
During the upcoming four week period:
Restaurants, pubs and non-essential retail must close. Work at home if you can. Production can continue – like manufacturing it cannot be done at home. You can continue to shoot in people’s homes – they are locations for the purpose of filming only. Our remote animation teams continue as normal.
Update: 28th Sept 2020. Directors, DP’s and actors are now exempt from having to quarantine for 14 days on arrival into the UK. Get in touch for the most up to date Covid Shooting restrictions around commercial and advertising content filming here.

Whilst businesses wrangle with the very difficult issue of Covid-19, production continues. We have access to specialist low latency remote filming capabilities with high quality security encoding for celebrity shoots. Clients can stream the shoot safely and securely in high quality video from anywhere. We have remote casting capabilities across the world and covid supervisors on set as necessary.

Presence uses guidance issued by the APA and PACT for our shoots in the UK. For shoots in the US, we are utilising the AICP guidance.

We have access to the best casting directors who have an abundance of talent available on self tapes. Directors and animators with home studios, and top directors of photography who are used to complex remote filming systems to create high end imagery in a cost effective way.

Médecins Sans Frontières all produced using distributed animation teams.

Our team have been shooting in Norway, London and the US. A series of tax incentives have been made available to shoot in some countries. We are producing high level 2d and CG animation using our distributed teams.

Contact EP Danny Fleet to get the latest information on where you can safely produce content at scale using the best crew and safe shoot environments for everyone.