Low Carbon Production

We adhere to the AdGreen method of sustainable production in the UK and are members of Green the Bid in the US. #AdNetZero is a commitment to aim for net zero across the advertising and production industry by 2030.
AdGreen have recently announced a formal partnership with Albert, the BAFTA led sustainability project for the Film and TV industry.
This gives us access to a host of tools including a carbon footprint calculator incorporating global carbon factors from over 140 countries.
Contact us for more information.
Source: AdNetZero report
The following is a memo for all production staff and crew working with Presence.

Welcome to the team at Presence! We’re working with AdGreen to operate more sustainably and we just wanted to let you know about the environmental measures we are asking all staff to adhere to. You can find more info at their website: www.adgreen-apa.net

You can recycle the following in our office, please pay attention to the signs at the bins:
Paper, card, plastic bottles, glass and cans. Please put any recyclables and food waste in the these bins – we don’t have bins under the desks as they discourage recycling

We work on a digital job file basis, and also organise our invoicing electronically. We do not use a PO system. You’ll need to annotate invoices in Preview or similar. You can upload your signature too, and sign them off that way.

You can also use this method to annotate other docs like recce floor plans, storyboards and PPM books. We only print very few A5 call sheets, and don’t print PPM books in a bid to save paper and ink. We keep scrap paper by the printer for scribbles and receipts. You’ll need to get set up on our printer with the following defaults: draft mode, double-sided and black & white.

We don’t offer bottled water, but we have a very good tap. Our kitchen is stocked with cutlery and actual bowls and plates, so no need to get those rubbish plastic forks at lunch. We can supply reusable containers for your take away food and more and more of the decent local eateries are happy to put your food in them.

Please consider using trains instead of planes where possible, and giving visiting crew and directors Oyster cards instead of organising cabs. If your director is abroad, offer up a Zoom video conference for the PPM or other meetings, instead of flying someone in for the day. If you do need to book a cab, we use Addison Lee and request hybrids and EV’s (they have an Add Lee Eco sector).

Please turn off your computer and any lights near you when you leave. If you’re the last one out (lucky you!) please turn off all remaining lights, and the printer. Leave the heating – we use an electric boiler and it’s all on timers as we have installed a huge amount of insulation to retain heat and passive solar gain.

We don’t like plastic bags in the office, so please use one of the bag’s for life – see the office manager who is responsible for all of the above.

We use AdGreen’s Sustainable Production Agreement – double check with Danny if an agreement has been generated for your job yet. The agreement provides a framework for what’s possible on each job, and generally means cutting down on call sheet printing, providing water coolers, rehoming leftover food, props and costume, and engaging all client, agency, cast, crew and heads of department on the issue.

We also hold a large list of sustainable production resources, so please feel free to ask for this when crewing up.

All the best for a hugely enjoyable shoot and low carbon production!

Very best, Danny Fleet.