Production just hit the reset button. We have a blank canvas to create cost effective, covid safe, brilliant and sustainable content.

Presence is a diverse team of award winning Directors and Producers, devoted to pushing creative and brand opportunities across all distribution outlets.

We make TV, advertising, music videos, online video (long & short form) and immersive entertainment.

We’ve made commercials and content all over the world and have built up extensive production resource, where we can hire local talent to help minimise cost and carbon footprint.

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“What has been gifted to us is an opportunity to recalibrate how we live and work together – and to change for good the tired metrics by which we judge things and each other. We may not have this chance again. If the advertising industry isn’t very different after this lockdown slowly ends, we will have failed twice: we will have failed ourselves, and failed the audiences we reach.”

Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman, Ogilvy.

Presence Team adheres to the Adgreen method of sustainable production