Covid-19 Directors

Home Studio Shooters and Animators

We have an extensive list of Directors, Animators, Photographers and CGI specialists who are creating content from their home studios. Aside from the roster, we can source #presenceteam talent to match your brief.

On our roster, Richard Swarbrick and Chris Shepherd are working remotely and we are co-ordinating teams of animators online. Mat Hale is a Director DP who has a studio set up at home. He happens to live with a photographer and set builder and they have created a large studio environment where they live. Using powerful storytelling techniques, Mat works with a dramaturge and is now creating in a confined space! Avril and Gaelle have both been working in an imagined immersive space for a number of years and have been turning their hand to the considerable opportunities that lie in virtual reality whilst we are all holed up. #presenceteam