Paulina Ziółkowska

Ingenious animator, Paulina Ziółkowska has pedigree as an 2D artist and storyteller using elegant form to drive forward narratives in animation with acute self awareness and well observed commentary on the human condition. Paulina was educated in Poland and Berlin and has had a prestigious residency in TAIS Toronto Artist in Residence Program. We love the drawing and animation in her film O Matko. Her drawings are exquisite and the stories brilliant and irreverent. Her 2D animations show humour, existentialism and are bizarrely prophetic – Well, one seems prophetic – have a look at “Bless You” which won at the 2018 Berlinale Festival!

Ziółkowska is a force to be reckoned with.

O Matko! (Oh Mother) Short Film Excerpt
Bless You. Short Film Excerpt
3 Generations Trailer
FIN Trailer