Ori Gersht – VR / Visual

Ori Gersht is a globally renowned artist working in Film, Photography and Immersive Mediums. His work has been concerned with the relationships between history, memory and landscape. He often adopts a poetic, metaphorical approach to explore the difficulties of visually representing conflict and violent events or histories. Ori has exhibited at galleries including the Tate and V&A in London and the Guggenheim and Museum of Modern Art in the US.

Ori Gersht is currently working on a large scale immersive VR project titled Letters and Towers, made in collaboration with Diego Priluski at the Intel volumetric studio in California.

Big Bang
On Reflection
The Forest
Letters & Towers VR. A collaboration between Ori Gersht and Diego Priluski at the Intel volumetric studio.

Gersht approaches this challenge not simply through his choice of imagery, but by pushing the technical limitations of photography, questioning its claim to truth. Frequently referencing art history, Gersht’s imagery is uncannily beautiful; the viewer is visually seduced before being confronted with darker and more complex themes, presenting a compulsive tension between beauty and violence. This has included an exploration of his own family’s experiences during the Holocaust, a series of post-conflict landscapes in Bosnia and a celebrated trilogy of slow-motion films in which traditional still lives explode on screen.