Mat Hale – Documentary

Mat has a creative team of story consultant, scriptwriter, editor and composer who can work remotely.

Mat makes bold, compelling films, uniting outsiders, creating a space of safety and empathy for those in front of the camera.  His recent work for the BBC highlights people finding their voice, being given a second chance. His latest film looks at the transformative power of education, as seen through the eyes of an ex prisoner now a PhD student.

Prisoner to PhD – BBC
Asha Philip Sports – BBC
Alice Powell W Series Racing Driver – BBC
Maria Stuarda – BBC
Four Below Zero – Committed Project

He collaborates with a dramaturge, unique in his role. There is a story in everything we see, say, do and feel. It’s how we make sense of the world. The job of the dramaturge is to give structure to this story,  supporting the director. To bring together the separate parts, combine dark with light,  and make the narrative whole. The dramaturge can also be the scriptwriter. 

As a former camera assistant and DOP, he has a wealth of experience, on set and location.

As an assistant he worked across various genres and styles, from food commercials with Charlie Stebbings, to Car Commercials with Andrew Douglas, to promos with Anton Corbijn, to art house feature films, with Daniel Craig. 

As a director and DOP he has shot live action, documentary, scripted, and animation. 

He has a small team of collaborators, spanning scriptwriting,  audio, editing, composition and post production. Whenever possible he works with a bespoke sound score, as an integrated part of the creative process. 

He has an MA in Scenography for Dance, described as ‘ The body in space as revealed by light’.