Keri Collins – Comedy

Keri Collins’ comedy sketches have garnered over 40 million views on Facebook alone.

He has won Welsh BAFTA’s for both his feature and short comedy films. 

Soft Border Patrol
Tourist Trap
Soft Border Patrol

Keri recently directed the satirical BBC Brexit comedy, Soft Border Patrol, a clip of which, “Moving the Border” hit 30m views on Facebook in the first month online.

He also directed the first series of Tourist Trap, starring Sally Phillips. The show was BBC Wales’s first comedy commission in 20 years, and was immediately recommissioned for a second series which Keri also directed.

SWAPSIES was a short film commissioned by Fox Studios, for broadcast all across the Fox networks during December 2019.

In 2018 he sold a female superhero comedy spec to a multiple Emmy winning US production company.

Keri also directed half of Trollied season 7 for Sky One.

He has written and directed a number of short films for the BBC, and has directed for The Sunday Times, and US network PBS.

He was mentored by Sir Kenneth Branagh after being selected for the prestigious Guiding Lights scheme where he work shadowed on set of the Marvel blockbuster Thor.