Avril Furness – VR / Documentary

Avril is a critically acclaimed pioneering creative, virtual reality and 360 film director and writer who has directed 360 commercial, independent films and short form documentary-dramas.  

Her most recent work for The International Committee of the Red Cross and Google has just won at “The Lovies” and has been shortlisted for a SIMA (Social Impact Media Awards) award in the VR and 360 film category.

International Committee of The Red Cross VR
The Last Moments VR Trailer
Living with AI Documentary
The Empathy Machine VR
ASMR Sound Therapy in VR

Avril has the ability to handle sensitive subjects with diplomacy; and to direct performance of complex situations in immersive environments for audiences worldwide.  

With a background in advertising, having worked at agencies including Fallon and W&K, Avril is prolific in creative writing, idea generation and cross media platforms from traditional film, 360, AR, VR and A.I.