Avril Furness Awards Directors Gaelle Mourre Immersive

Avril Furness & Gaelle Mourre VR films are winning awards

We are delighted to see that both Avril Furness and Gaelle Mourre‘s Virtual Reality Films are being nominated for and winning awards around the world. Both are hugely capable and inventive Directors who have a… really good understanding of creating story for the #VR space. As we enter 2020, here’s the latest round;

Avril Furness film 360 VR Film “The Right Choice” has been shortlisted for a SIMA (Social Impact Media Awards) award in the VR and 360 film category.

Gealle Mourre’s 360 VR Film “Mechanical Souls” has won a Lumiere Award for best VR stereography.

These festivals celebrate the best in filmmaking. Well done to both. #presenceteam